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William Seitz

February 23, 1944 - December 23, 2021

Bill & Peggy Wedding (Jul 1967)
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill, Peggy & Kaitlyn
Bill & Jennifer (Apr 1971)
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill & Billy
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill & Mark
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill in his Army uniform
Bill, Kaitlyn & Billy
Bill & Billy
Handsome Soldier
Bill & Billy
Bill & Kaitlyn
Bill & Billy
Bill & Kaitlyn
Bill & Billy (2016)
Bill being silly
Bill & Kyla (2012)
Bill & Kyla (2012)
Bill & Billy (2016)
Bill, Peggy, Kaitlyn & Billy (2016)
Bill & Kayden (2012)
Bill (2012)
Bill (2012)
Bill & Peggy (2012)
Bill (Apr 2005)
Bill & Gram Dixon (Apr 2005)
Bill (2012)
Bill (Jun 2010)
Bill & Billy (Nov 2010)
Bill's Handywork (Dec 2011)
Bill, Peggy & Tara Jane (Dec 2016)
Bill & Tara Jane (Dec 2015)
Seitz Family (Dec 2007)
Bill & Peggy (Nov 2011)
Bill being silly (Jul 2013)
Bill, Peggy & Kaitlyn (Oct 2012)
Bill & Peggy (Nov 2011)
Bill & Kaitlyn (Nov 2011)
Bill working (Jul 2011)
Bill & Lou DeLeo (Jul 2013)
Bill (Jul 2011)
Bill & Bill Jr (Jul 2013)
Bill being silly (June 2011)
Bill's style (Jul 2013)
Bill working (Jun 2012)
Bill & Jennifer (Apr 2005)
Bill & Family (Feb 2011)
Bill & Kaitlyn (Jun 2008)
Bill & Damien Pharaoh (Jun 2011)
Bill & sister Betty Ann (Feb 2014)
Bill & Kiyah (Apr 2019)
Bill, Peggy & Billy (May 2018)
Bill & Peggy (Feb 2010)
Bill & Kaitlyn (Jan 2010)
Bill being silly (Jan 2011)
Bill (Jan 2010)
Bill working (Feb 2010)
Bill (2011)
Bill (Oct 2004)
Bill & Jessica
Bill & Billy (Jan 2006)
Bill, Kaitlyn & Billy (Dec 2003)
Bill & Kaitlyn (Jan 2006)
Bill & Billy (Dec 2004)
Mom & Dad
Bill's Handywork
Bill & Billy (Dec 2005)
Bill, Peggy, Gram & Grandpap Dixon (Jan 2004)
Kaitlyn High School Graduation (May 2016)
Bill, Kaitlyn & Billy (Nov 2003)
Bill & Kaitlyn (Nov 2005)
Bill's Handywork
Bill & Tara Jane (Dec 2015)
Bill's Autograph
Bill & Peggy
Bill & sister Betty Ann
Bill, Theresa & Kristen
Bill & Bill Jr
Bill, Peggy & Tara Jane (Dec 2015)
Bill, Peggy & Kaitlyn (Jan 2018)
Bill's Handywork
Bill & Billy (Nov 2003)
Dove St - Dining Room 7-06
Bill & Great Grandaughter Kiyah (Spring 2020)
Bill, Kaitlyn & Billy (Jan 2004)
Bill & Billy (Jan 2004)
Bill & Billy (Nov 2003)
Bill & Billy (Oct 2004)
Bill & Tara Jane
Bill & Billy
Mark & Dad
Dad, Mark & Bill (Nov 2011)
Mark & Dad (Mar 2011)

About Bill

William (Bill) Seitz, 77, of San Tan Valley, passed away in his home peacefully on Thursday, December 23, 2021, with his wife, Peggy, holding his hand.  Bill was born February 23, 1944 in Homestead, PA and was the 9th child, out of 11 children, to Gustave and Cecilia Seitz.


Bill proudly served his country in the Army where he served in the Charlie Battery, 3rd Battalion, 1st Artillery.  Along with becoming an expert level shooter and a sharpshooter, he also received the Marksman Badge with Missile Bar.  He was incredibly proud of the top-secret clearance he had.


After returning home from the service, he married his childhood sweetheart on July 15, 1967. Bill then completed his Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania Technical Institute and began working for Digital Equipment Corporation.  In 1976, Bill and his family moved to Phoenix, AZ.  He retired from Digital (now HP) and focused on his two passions, family and woodworking.


Bill loved his family.  His wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were everything to him.  And he was everything to them.  Bill loved being a Dad, and loved being a Poppy even more. Bill was a kid at heart when around his family, always teasing, laughing and playing.  His sense of humor was unmatched, except perhaps by his son Mark. Bill was so proud of his family, and reminded them regularly how much he loves them and is so proud of them.


Even though Bill lived in the Valley of the Sun the majority of his life, he was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan to his core.  Aside from loving his Steelers and his Country, Bill loved softball and woodworking. Bill played softball for many years and was an incredible athlete.  He even coached baseball and softball for his children when they were little. As for woodworking, Bill had an impressive workshop with an even more impressive array of tools.  He made everything from signs to cabinets to furniture.  In fact, at one point, Bill had made furniture in every room in his daughter’s home, including bunk beds for his grandchildren, desks, coffee tables, even the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Prior to retiring, Bill also designed and built two homes for his family.


Bill was preceded in death by his two sons, Bill Jr and Mark.  He is survived by his wife Peggy, daughter Jennifer, grandchildren Jessica (Jake), Kaitlyn and Billy (his Termite), his great grandchildren (Kiyah, Landon, Kadyn, Kyla, Kayson, and Kynlee) and many other family members and dear friends.


A celebration of Bill’s life will be held in late February 2022.  Information on those services will be provided at a later date.

Bill's Family Tree

Gustave J Seitz

1901 - 1973

Cecilia T (Kukla) Seitz

1905 -1994

Lawrence J Seitz

1930 - 1990

Edward J Seitz

1932 - 2019

Raymond C Seitz

1934 - 

Irene E (Seitz) Barnett

1935 - 

Charles A Seitz

1937 - 2020

Marion L (Seitz) Barnett

1939 - 

James J Seitz

1940 - 

William Seitz

1944 - 2021

Thomas D Seitz

1945 - 

Barbara J Seitz

1949 - 1950

Elizabeth A Seitz

1942 - 

Bill's Guest Book

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