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Mark James Seitz

March 14, 1969 - July 21, 2021

Seitz Kids (Jan 2010)
Marks Passion
Mark & Grampap Dixon (2015)
Mark & Kiyah (May 2018)
Mark & Jennifer (Jul 2013)
Mark & Kaitlyn (Oct 2005)
Nerf Gun Wars (Jan 2012)
Jamaica (May 2012)
Mark & Jessica (Jan 2012)
Mark & Billy (Oct 2005)
Mark & Bill (1969)
Bill, Mark & Jennifer (1971)
Mark & Dad
Dad, Mark & Bill (Nov 2011)
Seitz Kids (Feb 2015)
Seitz Kids (April 2005)
Marks Solo Flight (Dec 1986)
Mark Filming (Jul 2013)
Mark (Jul 2013)
Marks Passion
Mark & Carol (Jun 2012)
Mark & Carol Wedding (Nov 1996)
Mark & Carol Wedding (Nov 1996)
Mark & Carol
Mark & Carol Wedding (Nov 1996)
Mark & Billy (Sep 1999)
Mark & Carol
Mark & Carol
Mark & Carol
Mark Filming
Mark & Carol
Mark & Dad
Mark and Nikita
Mark & Jennifer (May 2012)
Mark High School Sr Pic (May 1987)
Mark's Passion
Marks Passion
Mark Professional Pic
Mark & Bill Jr (Apr 2015)
Mark & Kyla (Jul 2013)
Mark & Billy (May 2018)
Mark & Kaitlyn (May 2016)
Mark & Dad (Mar 2011)
Mark, Bill & Mom (Mar 2011)
Mark in Jamaica (Jun 2012)

About Mark

Mark James Seitz, 52, of Holmen, passed away on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.  Mark was born in Natick, MA, and later moved with his family to Fountain Hills, AZ, where, among other things, he gained a lifelong devotion to Phoenix sports teams. Mark went to Fountain Hills Elementary School, through 8th grade.  He went on to Coronado High School in Scottsdale, AZ and graduated in 1988.   In 1992 Mark’s sister Jennifer introduced him to Carol Miller whom he married on November 2, 1996, in Tempe, AZ.


Mark was a deeply sensitive, sincere, and caring person who provided support to his loved ones and friends, as well as his furry family members – Bodhi, MacAlister, and Luther. They all held special places in Mark’s heart and he devoted what he could to everyone. Mark was always a source of inspiration and encouragement, often prodding people to try new things, or to take the risks they needed, to accomplish their goals.  Mark’s many years of traveling, reading, personal experiences and his deep feelings all contributed to his clever sense of humor and to an incredible creativity that he applied in both his professional and personal life.


After finishing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration at UWL, Mark completed an Information Communication Technology master’s degree (Class of 2014) developing talents in videography which he has applied both as a videographer for Viterbo University as well as completing three documentaries and other smaller films (many can be viewed at:


While a skilled brewer and carpenter, working on everything from bookcases to cabins, music was Mark’s passion.  His favorites were Van Halen and The Beatles, but he had eclectic tastes ranging from big band jazz, 1970s pop to zydeco. Drawing on many inspirations, Mark composed his own music for both guitar and synthesizer, and for the last 10 years of his life, he was the lead guitarist and vocalist for Gideon’s Radio, a blues/rock band playing throughout the LaCrosse, WI region.

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